NOT FOUND: B 2 school.jpgTwin Rivers Adult School, a California Adult School as part of the Twin Rivers Unified School District, has been helping people get ahead in life for more than 70 years. The school operates on a non-profit basis as all the proceeds they receive go right back into the school and the programs that are offered. Their mission: to provide the community with opportunities for individuals from diverse populations to achieve their personal, educational and vocational goals; and to become more responsible and productive members of society.

Anyone who is at least 18 years old and looking to improve their basic skills, explore career opportunities or engage in learning as a life-long activity is welcome at Twin Rivers Adult School. If you’ve not yet achieved your high school diploma or GED, but would like to, Twin Rivers Adult School would be happy to assist you in meeting your goal. Many of the classes that are offered are free of charge. Costs are kept as low as possible where program or material fees apply.

Principle Kirk Williams and Program Assistant Pam Edgington are very excited about what’s happening at Twin Rivers Adult School in the 2009-2010 school year. They are offering many new classes and programs, such as Medical Billing/Coding and Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning/Refrigeration. They offer Health Career Training, Heavy Duty Truck Driving, certified typing test and free English Second Language (ESL) classes, just to name a few.

Classes and career programs are offered by Twin Rivers Adult School for just a fraction of the cost that other schools charge for the same programs. As an example, their HVAC program is just $1,460; and that includes all books and materials required for the training that will prepare students for the certification testing. Other schools offer the same program for thousands more. Twin Rivers Adult School works with the Veterans Administration under the G.I. Bill to assist with tuition fees for veterans. They are also working to obtain the status of a Title IV school, which would enable them to offer financial aid and/or grants to assist qualifying students in paying for their education.

Not only does Twin Rivers Adult School offer an affordable solution to getting a better education, they are community and environmentally minded. Their Green Construction and Maintenance program is extremely innovative. Students participating in this program will be given the opportunity to work with journeymen on real construction projects that bring previously foreclosed, possibly run-down properties up to “green” standards. This will not only benefit the students by giving them hands-on training, but will also improve the community and prepare houses to be put back on the market that are more energy efficient and eco-friendly.

When asked what message they would like to send out to our communities, Pam Edgington replied, “We make it as easy as possible to help people succeed. We’re offering several new programs because it is our desire to see people in jobs.” Twin Rivers Adult School is doing everything in their power to do just that; make it easy and prepare people for jobs. They have developed a community partnership with Sacramento Works’ One Stop Career Center. The One Stop Career Center is sponsored by the county and is open to anyone who is seeking employment, regardless of their income. There are several companies in the Sacramento area that don’t advertise their open positions anywhere other than with the One Stop Career Center. The Sacramento Works’ One Stop Career Center in our area is located at 5655 Hillsdale Blvd., Sacramento, CA.

Twin Rivers Adult School is fully accredited, and offers classes year round. For a complete list of classes, career programs, the prices associated with each and schedules, please visit the Twin Rivers Adult School web site at Any company or organization that might be interested in a community partnership with Twin Rivers Adult School is also invited to visit the web site or call 916-286-3836 for more information. Twin Rivers Adult School has two campuses. The main campus is located at 8222 Winona Way, North Highlands, CA. The other is located at 577 Las Palmas, Sacramento, CA.