NOT FOUND: piano passion1.jpgJames Thomas began teaching his daughter, Skylar, how to play the piano when she was three years old. His original plan was to introduce Skylar to reading music and playing the piano as a foundation for her music, hoping she would move on to playing the guitar and any other instruments she fancied. “This is a music house,” reports James. “We have a Steinway grand piano in what should be the dining room, keyboards and synthesizers throughout, and I have about 20 guitars.” James worked with the band Tesla for years and had no doubt his offspring would have a gift and a passion for music, especially since she was around it all the time.

NOT FOUND: pianopassion2.jpgWhile Skylar is not following in her dad’s exact footsteps by playing the guitar, she is definitely living a life devoted to music. She does have, without a doubt, a tremendous gift, passion and dedication for her love – playing the piano.

Fifteen-year-old Skylar is an extremely talented classical pianist who plays rock on the side. Guess which rock band? That’s right, she plays with Frank Hannon from Tesla as well as others. Skylar has a vast knowledge of synthesized music and loves to perform. “My favorite instrument is the piano because I LOVE the sound,” shares this driven young lady. Her talent goes beyond playing notes. Skylar has a amazingly mature understanding of the methods, styles and techniques behind the music, astonishing even the most accomplished musicians with her keen ear.

NOT FOUND: piano passion3.jpgSkylar’s first piano teacher was her dad, and she has continued formal piano studies with Natsuki Fukasawa and Richard Cionco who are both graduates of The Juilliard School of Music and are currently professors at Sac State.

While maintaining honor roll status as a sophomore at Antelope High School, Skylar continues to practice hours every day and performs many weekends. She loves to perform. “It’s fun and it is always so full of energy.” Skylar’s goals include more music and more performances with her sights set on Juilliard or another reputable music school. To find out more about this little local sensation, check out her website at